Here's how we can empower your HR team

Upskilling Solutions

Provide your existing workforce with access to personalized learning resources, bridging the gap to the most sought-after skills.

Employee Transition Management

Offer support programs for employees facing layoffs, helping them land their next opportunity with confidence.

Talent Pool Expansion

Access a network of highly motivated, engaged candidates eager to learn and contribute their skills to your organization.

Reduced Recruitment Costs

Minimize time and resources spent on traditional recruitment by connecting with pre-qualified talent.

What others are saying

Casper Lemmen

At Yobbers, we recently partnered with Upmarqt to fill several key roles within our company, including the Head of Marketing position. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of candidates they provided. Upmarqt presented us with a diverse selection of highly qualified individuals who not only met our specific job requirements but also matched the personality traits we were seeking. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and adapted their approach accordingly. We couldn't be happier with the candidates they sourced for us, and we highly recommend Upmarqt to any company looking to find top-tier talent.

Casper Lemmen

Hiring Manager, Yobbers
Jenn Diesi

I was looking for a very specific expert with knowledge in my industry and ready to run. Upmarqt quickly matched me with the ideal candidate that fulfilled all my requirements. It's efficient, high-quality and they work with your budget.

Jenn Diesi

Founder & CEO, Geek Girl Tech
Gyna Uhrlass

Upmarqt exceeded expectations by successfully matching The Mothering with an ideal marketing agency. Their meticulous approach empowered me to make an informed decision by presenting tailored options aligned with our specific needs, industry, and budget. A standout attribute of Upmarqt is their unwavering commitment to transparency. They diligently ensured that we remained well-informed throughout the entire process, from the initial match to aiding us in determining pricing and budgeting considerations for both agencies. Their level of support proved to be unprecedented and was wholeheartedly appreciated. Notably, Upmarqt didn't just find one, but two perfectly matched agency options, enabling us to conduct a comprehensive comparison of their respective advantages and disadvantages. I enthusiastically endorse Upmarqt to anyone in search of service providers. Their unparalleled expertise, dedication, and genuine commitment to the success of founders make them an exceptional choice.

Gyna Uhrlass

Hiring Manager, The Mothering

Candidate Upskilling

Review on "Reboot Your Career" outplacement course.
Alexander Gorelin
It's been a pleasure being a part of Upmarqt's 'Reboot Your Career' training cohort. The course is aimed at helping the candidates in a process of a significant career change. The materials help reignite their passion and boost their confidence as they are transitioning from a corporate career to high-growth/startup opportunities.

As someone going through a similar process myself, I was inspired by the course's positive mindset and tons of useful exercises and content. My favourite parts were (i) uncovering the insights about myself using my friends and family and (ii) learning about the types of startups and what to expect in a high-growth culture. I would definitely recommend the 'Reboot Your Career' course to anyone going through a career change, or just exploring new opportunities.

Alexander Gorelin