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The user experience you provide on your website will determine to a large degree, your ability to turn a user in to a customer. Are you frustrating your users, leaving money on the table? Our Website User Experience & Customer Growth Report will analyse your current offering and help you with developing a solution that your users’ will love!


Your ability to sell online hinges on your ability to provide a pleasurable experience to your user. Using modern psychological research, we will analyse your website & marketing strategies to ensure that your customer journey is coherent, pleasurable & effective.

The report will focus on developing your user experience with detailed analysis of your current solution coupled with advice and suggestions on how to improve, change or add to your current offering in order to increase conversions.

What you get

  • Your websites personal report will be broken down in to 5 categories & scored out of 10:
    • Brand Consistency, Customer Journey, Usability (Including Device Responsivity), Content & User Feedback.
  • Each category will provide a detailed analysis of your current offering.
  • Suggestions will be made of how you will be able to develop your offering.


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