Upmarqt Bundle: Visual Brand Identity + Website Design and WordPress Development

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All you need to kick off your Website fast and start attracting quality clients with consistent branding and the right User Experience and Journey.  Can you think of a website that you love buying from and a website that you just can’t navigate through, so you leave? Stop leaking leads from your site.

Create a website with professional branding that 100% represents your business and helps your ideal client easily navigate to your products or services and love buying from you.

As part of this bundle 2 different experts will help you with a Visual Brand ID and the Website Design and Development. Please see the full description below.

Once you purchase the bundle each expert will be in touch with you separately.


In this bundle 2 experts will take you step by step in creating your visual brand and translate it into a website.  Below are the descriptions of each service.  The additional BONUS of the this bundle is that you will have e-mail and phone access to both experts throughout the whole process.

Visual Brand and Strategy Session Pack by Amanda C Goff, CEO of Silverkeys Media (Standalone price: $4597)

What is included:

  • Pre-Strategy Session Questionnaire & Assessment
  • Review of all your current digital platforms and sites. This will be with keeping your message in mind to see how your visuals are helping you tell your story
  • (1) 30 min Pre-Visual Brand ID Call
    • To set goals and expectations
    • Overview of process
    • Review audit
    • Answer questions
    • Assign homework items
    • Schedule sessions
  • Session 1 & 2 | Before You Get the Keys (90 min) 
    • Laydown your Brand & Business Foundation 
    • Set Action Plan, Goals & Homework  (We will deliver Session 1  & “How-to-Use-This” Docs via email after we review) 
  • Session 3 | Unlock Your Brand Voice (90 min) 
    • Review homework and any questions 
    • Identify the Voice of your Brand 
    • Set Next Action Plan, Goals & Homework  (We will deliver Session 2  & “How-to-Use-This” Docs via email after we review) 
  • Session 4 | The Key Elements of Your Story (90 min) 
    • Review homework and any questions 
    • Map out your Brand Story and your Client’s Journey 
    • Set Next Action Plan, Goals & Homework  (We will deliver Session 3  & “How-to-Use-This” Docs via email after we review) 
  • Session 5 | Lockdown Your Visual Brand (90 min)

    • Review homework and any questions 
    • Create your Visual Brand Guide 
    • Discuss Visual Strategy  (We will deliver Session 4  & “How-to-Use-This” Docs via email after we review)  
  • Session 6 | Brand ID Review (90 min) 
    • Review your Editorial Guide 
    • Review your Visual Brand Guide 
    • Review your Visual Strategy
  • 3 & 6 Month Check-in Call

Website Design and WordPress Development by Henry Brown, CEO of CBS Designs (Standalone price: $3997)

The all-in-one complete UX, design and implementation solution to take your from zero to hero.

This package is designed from the start with your ideal customer in mind, delivering an experience that your users will love. The website will be implemented on WordPress using a bespoke design – NO TEMPLATES – to create a solution that is as unique as your brand!

Your Website Design & WordPress Development package will include:

  • Initial consultation
  • UX Research and analysis
  • Initial wireframe modelling
  • Website design
  • Custom WordPress website implementation

This package will give you everything you need to start turning your users in to paying customers for your services/products! The all-in-one solution for any business that is serious about their online future!


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